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Hyaluronic acid fillers are becoming increasingly popular in Chicago and elsewhere because they don’t use animal proteins and have less chance of allergic reaction. Because that acid is already found in the body, it makes more sense to use it as one of the primary ingredients. Voluma is designed to be used to restore large-scale losses of volume, and it can be associated with aging in the cheekbones, cheeks, and the chin. While other fillers can be used, they may require more injections to get the same effects and cost more.

What It Is

It is part of the Juvederm family and is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a type of sugar found in your body naturally. This acid helps your skin be more elastic and over time, it dissipates. If you are noticing less volume in the skin or sagging skin, you may require a filler to replace some of the hyaluronic acid that was lost. This, in turn, can provide a more youthful look and help contour the face.

Why It’s Unique

What makes Juvederm unique is that it’s meant to restore a loss of volume in bigger areas of the face than traditional fillers. It has a thick gel consistency and a unique formulation, which allows it to be injected deep into the hollow areas with a smaller needle. The gel filler is smooth and pliable, which produces consistent, even results. The results are immediate and can be long-lasting, up to 18 months with a particular treatment regimen.

Where It’s Used

It is primarily used in the cheek and cheekbone areas, but can also be used on the temples and the jawline or chin. Those who are considering cheekbone augmentation surgery may want to consider this non-surgical and minimally-invasive product first. You’ll look more natural and can have a stronger or more prominent chin.


Because it’s temporary, most people turn away from it without ever considering its usefulness. Though it is temporary, that can be a good thing because, over time, you may require more or less to get the look you want. You can also choose to have touch-up injections periodically, which will help maintain the look you need.

How Many

Because you are filling in a larger portion of the face, you may expect you’ll need multiple Voluma injections in Chicago, but you will likely only need one.

Voluma in Chicago can be an excellent alternative for those who need to fill in larger areas of the face. Visit LakeShorePlasticSurgery.com today to learn more.

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