You Can Have a Complete Smile With Dental Implants in Cedar City UT

Missing teeth make for an unattractive smile and can cause a person to have difficulty feeling confident about their appearance. Whether due to cavities, injuries, or infection, losing a tooth can have a big impact on a person. It is important people are aware of the options they have for replacing their teeth with Dental Implants Cedar City UT. Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime and can allow a person’s smile to be made beautiful and complete.

A dental implant contains three parts that are placed together to form one unit. The first part of the implant is the most important because it bears all of the force from chewing so it must be strong. The base of the implant is made from titanium which is one of the strongest metals in the world. Titanium is a unique metal because it can bond with human bone tissue. This was discovered by accident during a procedure to repair a broken bone.

The implant titanium base is placed down in the gums and into the socket. Once in place, the body begins creating new bone cells to grow around the implant, accepting it as a part of the jawbone. This unique process can take a few months to complete but once it has, the titanium implant will act just like the natural root of a tooth but will be even stronger.

The second part of the implant is the abutment, and this is the piece that joins the titanium base and the prosthetic tooth, so the three pieces become one. The only visible part of the implant will be the prosthetic tooth because the metal hardware will be located under the tooth and in the socket. This allows a person to have their missing teeth replaced with a natural-looking implant that will blend in perfectly with their surrounding teeth for a beautiful look.

Those who are tired of dealing with missing teeth can have them replaced with Dental Implants Cedar City UT. This site will give you information on the many dental services this dentist offers their patients.

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