Stop Your Tooth Pain Through the Grand Prairie TX Dentist Office

When you are suffering with tooth pain, there is little else you can think of. People often try to get over their pain through over-the-counter pain medications. Unfortunately, these do very little to take care of the pain. Instead, they simply cover the warning signs. This can be dangerous because it can lead to people avoiding a dental examination to find the cause of their pain. If you are experiencing ongoing tooth pain, you need to make an appointment at the Grand Prairie TX Dentist office.

One of the main reasons people experience tooth pain is because of a cavity. After overlooking less obvious signs, a cavity continues to cause damage in your tooth until it reaches the inner portions where the nerve lies. This is when you begin to feel pain in the tooth. The pain of a cavity can be unrelenting. It is important you see the dentist if you have a cavity. Avoid placing aspirin directly on your tooth and do not pain relieving gels as they can irritate the gums.

People also experience tooth pain because of infections. Tooth infections can occur for many different reasons. When a tooth becomes abscessed, it begins to fill with pus, placing pressure on the nerve. This pain can be severe and can radiate through the jaw and into the neck. If you have an infection, you may notice a foul odor or pus drainage. Never ignore the signs of tooth infections, as they can become serious. Infections can spread to other teeth and to the gum tissue.

You may also experience tooth pain if you have a minor injury to your tooth. Injuries can sometimes occur without you being aware. Small cracks and chips can open the tooth and cause the nerve to be exposed to the foods and liquids you consume. To stop this pain, the dentist can try to repair your tooth. If a repair cannot be done, you may end up needing an extraction.

If you are feeling tooth pain of any type, make sure you see contact the Grand Prairie TX Dentist office as soon as you can. Contact Carrier Dentistry and allow them to assist you in finding the cause of your pain so you can be treated and find relief. Visit Us for more information.


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