Consider Whether Dental Implants in DC Are The Right Choice for Your Smile

Properly fitted dental implants can both look and feel just like your natural teeth, which makes their use an excellent option for replacing missing teeth and supporting dental prostheses such as bridges and dentures.

Modern dental implants are composed of two main parts: a metal abutment screw surgically inserted into the jaw bone, and a typically ceramic crown held in place via dental cement. Because the titanium becomes integrated directly into the jaw as part of the healing process, dental implants can be a lifelong solution. If the implant will be used to anchor a dental prosthesis, this will be permanently affixed to the implant after it has healed.

These procedures may sound intimidating, but with modern medicine and technology the surgery itself is completely painless and no general anesthesia is needed in most cases. Success of the procedure depends on the tissue health and bone density of the patient, so you’ll have to consult with an experienced dental surgeon to find out if the procedure is a suitable solution for your individual needs. The long-term success rate of Dental Implants in DC and elsewhere is high; although complications do sometimes appear with the occurrence of gum disease and bone loss, you can expect your implant to function well with normal maintenance for decades.

The best time to connect a new implant is soon after the initial extraction has been performed. However, although bone loss in the jaw around the missing tooth can make the procedure more difficult if too much time has gone by since the extraction, an implant can be successfully fitted even years down the line by a sufficiently skilled and experienced dentist.

Recovery times vary depending on the individual, but permanent stability of the implant is dependent on the osseointegration of the abutment screw, meaning that the patient’s body must grow bone mass that attaches directly to the implant surface. Initial discomfort after the procedure is short-lived, and the gums should quickly begin to grow back up around the screw as though it were a normal tooth.

If you’re concerned about your dental health or the diminishing aesthetic value of your smile due to missing teeth, visit the website to look at more info about Dental Implants in DC and find out if this permanent tooth replacement solution might be for you.

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