Preparing for a Trip to the Dental Office in Keizer, OR

Seeing a dentist for the first time in years can be a little unsettling. Along with concerns about what the dental professional will find, there is the matter of making sure everything is in order for the appointment. Here are some tips that will make preparing for the trip to the Dental Office in Keizer OR a little easier.

Compile Documents Needed for the Patient Profile

Just as the family doctor needs to know all about the patient’s medical history, the dentist needs to be aware of what conditions the patient has and any medications that are currently used. Be sure to include information about over-the-counter products as well as prescription medication. If any of those could thin the blood, it may be necessary to not take them for a day or two before a procedure.

Remember the Insurance Card

If the patient has dental insurance, be sure to take the card along for that first visit to the Dental Office in Keizer OR. The staff will make a copy of the card to go into the patient file. People who are members of some type of discount dental plan should also remember to take along documentation confirming they are active members of that plan. Doing so will ensure the staff knows what rate to apply to any procedure, and will bill the client accordingly.

Taking Along a Friend

There are several reasons to take along a friend to the dental appointment. One has to do with having some company. People who are a little nervous about seeing a dentist find it easier to remain calm if someone they know is along for the ride.

If the patient does need a procedure that requires sedation, it never hurts to have someone along who can get behind the wheel for the drive home. Even though most of the sedation will wear off before the staff releases the patient, letting someone else do the driving is a smart move.

When the time is fast approaching for an appointment with a new dentist, click here for more info about how to prepare for the visit. Being prepared will help the patient to feel more in control and ease the anxiety associated with making the trek for the first time.

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