Learn Important Information on Dental Root Canals in Keizer OR

There are many dental procedures the dentist can use to help a patient prevent tooth loss. One of the most effective is dental Root Canals Keizer OR. A root canal procedure may seem scary, but it rarely causes any more pain than having a tooth filled. This procedure can help a person to avoid tooth loss and stop any pain and over-sensitive feelings in the tooth. If a dentist has recommended his patient have this procedure, it is typically done as a last resort to prevent necrosis.

The dentist performs dental Root Canals Keizer OR in the dental office. Most patients require only local anesthesia since the procedure only involves one tooth. When the dentist is assured the patient is completely numb in the area, work can begin on the tooth.

The tooth must first be opened to allow access to the inside. This opening is created in the crown so the dentist is able to check the inside of the tooth and remove any diseased pulp and the nerve. The dentist often removes the nerve because it is no longer needed for proper function. Removing the nerve helps to stop the person from feeling any further pain or feelings of intense sensitivity.

As a part of a dental Root Canals Keizer OR, the dentist will also clean the roots. The roots of the tooth are hollow and can sometimes become filled with decay or infection. Cleaning the roots with canal files allow these to be removed and thoroughly cleaned so the dentist can be sure the damage will not continue.

After the dental Root Canals Keizer OR, the dentist will fill the tooth with a filling material to seal off the inner areas. This is first cured and then a second lawyer is put in place with a sealant to further protect the tooth. Should the dentist feel the tooth may become damaged, a crown can be put in place as a shield of protection.

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