What Can Bonding Do to Protect the Teeth?

While having a dental exam for the first time in several years, the patient is surprised to hear the dentist discuss the possibility of Bonding. Since the issue never came up before, what prompts the dental professional to discuss it now? The fact is this type of treatment can help with a number of situations. Here are a few examples.

Dealing with Chipped Teeth

One of the reasons the dentist may bring up Bonding is the presence of one or more chipped teeth. While the teeth are still healthy, the chipped areas will be more susceptible to decay in the years ahead. By choosing to apply a resin to the area that matches the color of the teeth, it is possible to seal the space and restore the natural look of the tooth. As a result, the potential for more problems in the future is kept to a minimum.

Cracks in the Teeth

At times, the damage has nothing to do with chipping, but a tooth is cracked for some reason. In this scenario, the use of a bonding material is a reasonable alternative to applying a veneer to the damaged tooth. The resin is applied to the tooth and then dried using a high-intensity light. When finished, the crack will no longer be visible, and the resin helps to minimize stresses that would cause further cracking.

Filling Gaps

Using resin as a bonding agent is also common for filling gaps in between teeth. The resin is tinted to match the look of the teeth and then gently applied to the surface of each tooth involved. The seal between the teeth helps to provide additional support and also prevents food particles from collecting in those gaps. As an additional benefit, the bonding helps to improve the appearance of the teeth. For someone who tends to avoid smiling in social situations because of gaps, this will make it much easier to relax and enjoy the party.

For help with any type of dental issue, trust a professional who can provide Genuine Care Treatment Options Education & Experience. Doing so will make it easier to understand what should be done and the range of benefits that will result.

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