Decay and the Elderly: Why You Should Seek Dental Care

One of the main facts in dentistry is that dental decay is a disease that affects people of all ages, from children who just got their first tooth to elderly patients. In any situation where this disease develops, the importance of their treatment is noteworthy because if you fail to remove dental decay, the consequences can be fatal. To boot, decay is a major cause of tooth loss. Visit Forest Park Dental to see if you suffer from this nasty problem.

As discussed earlier, dental decay is a disease that knows no age, and it can affect anyone. In fact, the elderly are more likely to develop this disease and this is due to several reasons, such as they no longer practice optimal oral hygiene, and their salivary function is no longer as effective as it was years ago. Similarly, one cannot forget that the passage of time affects a person’s oral health and emerging chronic and irreversible problems, such as receding gums or dry mouth, are situations that do nothing to stop the development of caries and other oral diseases. Although it is important for the patient to undergo dental care in Clayton to eradicate decay, this is especially the case when you consider it involves a simple intervention such as a filling. This process not only allows dentists to eliminate cavities and decay but also it can restore the tooth again, so you enjoy the aesthetic and original functionality of the piece.

In the event that you are facing advanced decay, and it has affected the tooth nerve you will need to undergo a root canal, which is one intervention that tries to repair the integrity of a tooth compromised by a cavity. Finally, those cases where decay has already affected the structure of the tooth, and there is no effective solution to this problem, it is vital to opt for extraction in order to avoid that tooth from becoming a constant source of infection. In short, while it is true that there is an increase of developing cavities in old age, it is noteworthy that the alternatives dentists have to solve this disease are the same as compared to the other patients. For more information on Dental SEO Services, contact your local dentist.

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