Your Child’s Tooth Injury Should Be Treated By The Best Childrens Emergency Dentists

No parent wants to learn their child has a tooth injury. When an injury is present, it can quickly destroy a child’s tooth. It is important parents get their child in to see the dentist as soon as possible so they can avoid further complications. Ideally, parents should contact the Best children’s emergency dentists. An emergency dentist can provide the immediate dental care a child needs so their injured tooth can be properly treated.

The treatment a dentist will offer an injured child will depend on the type of injury that is present:

* If the child simply has a minor crack or chip, the dentist can easily fix the damage. This type of damage is usually fixed in much the same was as a cavity. The dentist will smooth the damaged area and will then use a special dental compound to fill in the damaged areas. This compound is a combination of plastic and glass and is tooth-colored, so it blends in perfectly with the child’s tooth.

* When the damage is more severe, the dentist will have to determine if the damage is too severe to save the tooth. If the damage runs below the gumline, the tooth may need to be extracted. If a baby tooth has to be removed, the dentist will put in a spacer to ensure the teeth do not shift and crowd out the emerging adult tooth. An X-ray can allow a dentist to determine the form of treatment that is needed.

* Should a child’s tooth become knocked from its socket, it is important the child is seen right away by the Best children’s emergency dentists. In some cases, a child’s tooth can be placed back in the socket and stitched in place, if a child receives prompt dental care.

If your child has experienced a serious tooth injury, it is important they are seen by the dentist as soon as possible. Prompt dental care can often protect the health of the tooth and prevent it from being lost. Contact Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry and allow them to schedule your child’s appointment. They will protect the health of your child’s smile.

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