Things You Should Know about Teeth Whitening in Edmonton

Adult teeth are usually pale gray or yellow, rather than a bright white. And nuances often deepen slowly over time, as the enamel becomes thinner, less revealing a white layer of dentin below. In addition, what we eat and drink every day can damage our mouth. A dazzling bright smile is not natural (think about the episode of “Friends” concerning Ross and teeth whitening). However, this does not prevent people from wanting to obtain one. A study conducted in 2012 by Procter & Gamble showed (unsurprisingly) that most of us (in fact 86%) want to have whiter teeth. Here’s what to keep in mind before you try Teeth Whitening in Edmonton:

• All teeth whitening products are not the same

• . Bleaching of teeth for one product can be five minutes, but it can be 20 minutes or more for another. This is the case for gels that are designed to restore tooth enamel, along with removing food and debris. All of these products contain hydrogen peroxide (or a compound which converts to hydrogen peroxide, such as urea peroxide). While in your mouth, teeth whitening in Edmonton releases oxygen molecules that chemically react with colouring materials. But, they all work the same way, and they all work to some extent. However, the strength of hydrogen peroxide is highly variable, generally 3 to 15% in pharmaceuticals and 15 to 40% in a practice.

• Some people are more sensitive than others

• . People have different needs and lifestyles, and some approaches may be better than others. Even in regard to how your mouth feels and what it looks like afterwards, the irritation of the gums, sensitivity and temporary dental pain are possible side effects that may vary depending on the product you choose. The way the teeth respond to treatment at home or at the dentist depends on the person.

• It is unlikely to destroy tooth enamel

• . One thing that will not happen, at least in the short term, is the destruction of tooth enamel. As long as you follow the instructions given, which means not whitening your teeth for longer than recommended, your teeth should be safe. However, dentists do not yet know whether extreme or long-term use can cause damage.

For more information on Teeth Whitening, contact your local dentist in Edmonton. Ask your dentist about scheduling a consult. This will allow both you and the dentist to see if whitening is a viable option.

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