Correct Your Smile With Veneers In Jacksonville Beach

Some of the most beautiful smiles that you see today are a result of people choosing to have veneers in Jacksonville Beach. These alternatives to orthodontics, crowns and other types of bonding are a great way to address many common problems with the front teeth that may be making you self-conscious and uncomfortable with your smile.

What are Veneers in Jacksonville Beach?
If you aren’t familiar with veneers in  Beach area they are a painless, simple and permanent option to correcting issues with your smile. They are made of very thin porcelain, also known as ceramic, or composite resin material that is bonded to your actual teeth.

Today’s veneers are very durable and with just a bit of care they can last for 20 plus years. They will be virtually impossible to tell from your teeth and, since they are very thin and bonded to your teeth, they will be very comfortable and not at all unusual feeling after the first couple of days of wear.

What Can They Correct?
People that have significant discoloration to their teeth, often because of medication, dental health issues or even damage to the enamel of the teeth are great candidates for veneers in Jacksonville Beach.

However, they can also be used to cover up gaps in the teeth, to slightly elongate and widen small teeth and to even adjust slightly twisted and crooked teeth. The veneers of today are carefully made to match your existing teeth and look very natural and beautiful.

Caring For Veneers in Jacksonville Beach
You will care for your veneers in Jacksonville Beach just as you care for your natural teeth. You will brush them after meals and of course you will also floss between your teeth regularly. Veneers are resistant to chipping, staining or cracking but, just like your natural teeth, they can be damaged. The good news is that they can be removed and replaced if that happens, leaving you with a beautiful smile again.

It is important to keep in mind that your veneers in Jacksonville Beach will not respond to tooth whitening products like natural teeth and if you are having whitening done you need to inform a new dentist that you have veneers before they start the process.

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