Emergency Dentist in Toronto: What is a Dental Emergency?

Mouth injuries may cause your teeth to be knocked out (avulsed), fractured, loosened (extruded) or even forced out of their original positions. In addition, one is likely to incur further damages to the cheeks, gums or lips. Such oral wounds are most often painful, and an emergency dentist in Pleasantville should treat them immediately.

When should you see an emergency dentist?

In order to minimize the discomfort felt and manage the injury, it is best to see Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville immediately since 30 minutes means either losing or saving a tooth.

Steps to take when tooth is knocked out

     *     Call your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment

     *    Handle the tooth’s crown and not the root

     *    Rinse the knocked out tooth gently in water

     *    Ensure that the tooth does not dry out by putting it back in its socket (if possible)

     *    If not possible, wrap the tooth in a fresh gauze or cloth and immerse in saliva or milk

When tooth is knocked from position

     *    With light finger pressure, try repositioning the tooth to its usual placement

     *    Lightly close your jaw to ensure that your tooth does not move around

When you have a fractured tooth

     *    Use warm water to clean your mouth

     *    Reduce swelling using a cold compress

     *    For the pain, take ibuprofen and not aspirin

     *    Consult your emergency dentist immediately

For minor fractures, the dentist can smooth out the affected area or even leave it alone. However, you need to treat the affected area with care for a couple of days. Moderate fractures include damage to the pulp, dentin or enamel. When pulp is not seriously injured, your tooth can be replaced with a complete permanent crown. For severe fractures, chances of recovering the tooth are usually slim.

When tissue is injured

Injuries that occur to the inside of your oral cavity include lacerations to the tongue, puncture wounds and tears. Attempt to clear the wound with lukewarm water right away. Tongue laceration bleeding can be controlled pushing your tongue forward and applying gauze pressure on your wound. Click here for more

Preparation for a Dental Emergency Toronto

The key to dental emergencies is fast action. To be prepared you need to set an emergency dental care-kit that has:

     *    Your dentist’s numbers

     *    Handkerchief

     *    Small bottle with lid

     *    Gauze

     *    Ibuprofen

For more information on what an emergency dentist in Pleasantville can do for you, visit Family Dental.

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