Ensure Your Smile is Always Appealing With Teeth Whitening in Matawan

Once you are sure that your teeth are healthy and properly aligned, your major concern becomes appearance. For most folks this means proper brushing, flossing and rinsing. However, some people want a little more visual appeal and for this they require the wonderful results provided by Teeth Whitening in Matawan. Whitening of the visual teeth has become a nationwide phenomena, yet few people really understand what is happening. Tooth whitening is actually a simple process of lifting deeply set-in stains. These stains generally happen as the enamel of the tooth ages and develops tiny cracks and other damage. The stains are actually the result of certain foods and drinks that seep into these cracks and are almost impossible to eliminate.

One of the most common misconceptions with teeth whitening is how many over the counter products are believed to help alleviate the problem. Surprisingly, very few of these items will remove deep set stains. The problem is due to how hard these areas are to reach. Most peroxide cleansers simply don’t sit on the teeth long enough or provide enough peroxide to reach the stains. However, some of these products are great at keeping an existing smile whiter for longer periods of time. In most instances this will help because the patient should only have Teeth Whitening in Matawan no more than twice a year. This reduces any chance of the peroxide damaging the gums or other oral tissue.

Teeth whitening works by the dentist applying a paste or gel made from carbamide peroxide. This gel will interact with water which causes the carbamide to change into hydrogen peroxide. This chemical process helps the peroxide seep into the enamel and lift out the deep set stains. The actual whitening result is the visible portion of the dentin in the tooth being seen again. This is part of the reason that you won’t see the final result of Teeth Whitening in Matawan for at least several days. The peroxide is still working its magic underneath the enamel. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy and wonderfully white you may still want to see a General Dentist.

Regular dental checkups can prevent or diagnose a number of possible problems including oral cancer. Click here for more information.

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