Full-Service Dentistry and Dental Implant Services in Vancouver, WA

Dentistry has come a long way over the last decades. Gone are separate adult and pediatric dental providers. Gone also are the days of being afraid to visit the dentist. These providers are on top of trends in dental health and in keeping patients relaxed. They are concerned with giving patients comfort and care during procedures. Advanced technology allows for the best possible experience in the dentist’s chair. No one wants to have a root canal, but if necessary one wants it to be as painless and quick as possible.

Are you looking for family dental care or Dental Implant Services in Vancouver WA? Check out Lewis Family Dentistry. They offer a full range of services for adults and children. They have been in business for a long time. Like other trusted providers, they offer services that range from cleanings to gum care to crowns, bridges, dental implants and night guards. One specialized service offered by Lewis and others in the area is the use of digital x-rays with much lower exposure to radiation than traditional radiography and cameras used inside the mouth to take the place of some of the x-rays.

Preventive care includes cleaning, periodontal evaluation, instruction in oral hygiene for children and adults, oral cancer screening and digital and visual examination of teeth and gums. A good full-service dentist will also be skilled in tooth extractions and can create individualized crowns, inlays and bridges. They will use mercury-free fillings. If cosmetic dentistry is the patient’s interest, they also offer bleaching, veneers and crowns, and take-home bleach trays.

A full-service dental facility that also offers Dental Implant Services in Vancouver WA will do more than just clean teeth and take x-rays. They will also educate the patient in ongoing oral and dental care so that he/she may maintain dental health. Find a service that makes one feel comfortable, sees all family members, and has the experience to stay up-to-date on innovations in dentistry while taking care of the basics as well. The bottom line is to find someone who provides excellent care, teaches patients how to take care of their own smiles, and offers unparalleled service. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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