How Will the Kid’s Dentist in Gainesville VA Care for Your Child’s Cavity?

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Dental Services


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Every parent wants their child to be as healthy as possible. You do all you can to take care of their health, including making sure their teeth and gums stay healthy. Though you make sure their teeth are brushed and flossed each day, they can experience cavities. When a cavity strikes your child’s tooth, it is important they are seen by the dentist, so the tooth can be filled before major damages occur. If left untreated, a cavity in their baby teeth could affect the health of their adult teeth. Knowing what to expect from the Kids dentist gainesville va will help to prepare you and your child for having a cavity taken care of.

How Will the Dentist Repair Your Child’s Cavity?

Most children are a little nervous when it comes to having dental work done. This is especially true when it comes to having a cavity filled. Most Kids dentist gainesville va will give children laughing gas to help them feel sleepy and relaxed during the procedure. This also makes the process safer, because your child will not be moving about in the dental chair. Once your child is relaxed, the dentist will numb his or her tooth with Novocaine. First, the dentist will use a topical numbing agent and then will give your child injections to temporarily stop any feeling in the area.

Just like with an adult’s tooth, the dentist will need to remove any decayed places in the tooth. This will be done using a dental drill. Once this portion has been removed, the dentist will fill the tooth. Filling the tooth helps to seal the tooth, preventing pain and further damage. Since a child’s tooth is typically very small, the dentist may make the decision to cover the tooth with a stainless steel crown. This will fall out when he or she loses the baby tooth.

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