Is Dental Assistant Training Right for You?

Would you like a job in a growing medical industry that does not require a lot of schooling? The field of dentistry offers a selection of positions, attractive salaries, and great benefit packages. Whether you just graduated from high school or are considering a career change, you may want to look into dental assistant training. No matter how bad the economy is, there will always be a high demand for dental assistants. As an assistant you are able to work flexible hours. This is especially important if you have a family or are taking classes to advance your career. If you are interested in getting started, turn to a well-reputed dental assistant school like Bartram Dental Assisting School for their affordable dental assistant classes in Jacksonville FL.

Receive Dental Assistant Training in a Few Weeks

The admission procedure is simple. All that is required of you is a high school diploma or a G.E.D. Fill out the application and submit it to the admission department. Your application will be reviewed and processed. Prior to being accepted you will be contacted for a personal interview. During the interview it is important to show proper enthusiasm and willingness that you want to learn the art of becoming a dental assistant. Once the interview is finished the school will send a letter letting you know if you was accepted or denied. This will vary on how your interview went. You can receive dental assistant training in a few weeks. Matter of fact it only takes 10 weeks which consists of a total of 140 hours. The setting is in an actual dental office and you are exposed to a wide-range of dental knowledge, techniques and materials.

Start Your New Career Today

Are ready to start your new career today by becoming a qualified dental assistant? If so, visit the website of Bartram Dental Assisting School and apply for their affordable dental assistant classes in Jacksonville FL.

Click here to know more about dental assistant classes in Jacksonville FL.

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