Learn How Braces in Green Lake WI Can Help Your Teeth

If your teeth are crooked, you might want to know what you can do to fix them. If you see celebrities in magazines and television who have perfectly straight teeth and that is something you want for yourself, it’s not impossible. Even the most crooked teeth can get straightened out with braces in Green Lake WI. There are so many options when getting braces, but the whole process begins with scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist.

What Will Happen During My First Visit for Braces?

The first time that you visit the orthodontist with an interest in getting braces in Green Lake WI, you will find out a lot more than you may have known before. For example, there are different braces, including options that come in silver metal or gold metal. Clear braces are yet another available option. If you have questions about the kinds of braces before deciding which kind is right for you, the orthodontist will have no problem answering everything.

Before you have your braces put on, you’ll need to wear spacers for a short while. The orthodontist places the spacers between your teeth, ultimately preparing them for when the metal brackets get glued and attached to the teeth. You may experience minimal discomfort when the spacers first get put in, but you’ll eventually get used to the feeling. It’s important to leave those spacers in as they play an important role in preparing your teeth for what’s to come.

What Happens When I Get My Braces?

You can expect to spend a few hours at the office while your braces are getting put on. The orthodontist will have made molds of your teeth from the first visit, and they’re used as a guide for applying the braces. The brackets will need to get put into place and each metal brace will get glued on an individual tooth. A special light gets put over the braces to make sure the strong glue dries and then the orthodontist may apply the rubber bands on the braces.

Getting braces can benefit you in many ways, especially if you want to have straight teeth. Silver Creek Dentistry can help you with the task of straightening your teeth by offering braces.

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