Offices of Family Dentistry Serving Kingston PA

Family Dentistry Serving Kingston PA can provide all services for your entire family. You can get everything you need from routine cleanings and examinations to cosmetic procedures and sedation. Your family gets to know the dentist and children will not have to get a new dentist once they reach their teens. Pediatric dentists usually only treat patients until they are 18 or 21. Geriatric dentists specialize in oral care for elderly patients. Cosmetic dentists specialize in one area. In those cases, you have to switch dentists at some point. Family dentistry in Kingston PA allow you to stay with one dentist throughout your whole life if you so desire. It is convenient and helps with anxiety.

That means you can get full dental care, including crowns, implants, bridges, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, cosmetic procedures, and sedation at the same office. If you are in the position of taking care of your young children and your elderly parents, you can appreciate the convenience of one office for all procedures. You can fill out patient forms online and have them ready when you arrive for an appointment. That will save you time and avoid your children getting anxious while you fill out forms before their appointments with the dentist. New patient special pricing and specials offered can be found online as well. Specials change throughout the year and can include things like teeth whitening and veneers.

Financing is available at most dentist offices, and insurances are usually accepted. Check with the office when you call to schedule an appointment and they will give you all that information. One Family Dentistry Serving Connecticut has financing and an in-house plan for people with no dental insurance. You pay an annual fee for membership in the plan with this dentist office. Routine care is then covered at no additional costs. Routine care includes two cleanings, an annual dentist examination, a full set of X-rays and a consultation for other services you may be interested in getting. Other services, such as extractions or fillings, are provided at a cost saving of 15% for those procedures. This allows you to budget annually for care and have that all taken care of for that office.

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