Take Children To a Pediatric Dentist in Wayne, NJ

Children are often worried about going to the dentist. This anxiety can transform into fear by adulthood. Since people need to start visiting the dentist as toddlers with baby teeth, it is important that office personnel and dentists alike make their patients feel very comfortable.

pediatric dentist are pediatricians in the dental field. They have to complete extensive training beyond that of a pediatrician or a dentist alone in order to better serve their patients. They teach and practice good habits for brushing, flossing, and maintaining overall healthy teeth and gums. Pediatric dentists also explain primary and permanent teeth as well as cavities and tooth decay. Patients range from their toddler years as early as one to children with special needs or developmental disabilities. However, college-age young adults can still visit a Pediatric Dentist in Wayne, NJ if they have gone to them throughout their childhood.

Office personnel are also very friendly and helpful. They address any insurance and billing concerns as well as treatment plan questions. They also keep in contact with patients to schedule and update appointments. Pediatric dentists use digital radiography and laser dentistry. This reduces the exposure to radiation, so parents will not have to worry about treatments with x-rays. Finally, nitrous oxide analgesia is available if patients are still overly fearful of painful procedures. These pediatric dentists also are orthodontists. Therefore, all questions and procedures pertaining to braces can be addressed at the same time. Children will not have to worry about having two separate dentists for their dental needs.

A popular Pediatric Dentist in Wayne, NJ is wayne pediatric dental care. Its waiting area has two video game systems, toys, books, and a 250 gallon fish tank, which children can enjoy as soon as they walk in. There are multiple dentist chairs within the open floor plan. Each station has televisions with popular cable networks like Disney, Nickelodeon, or Nick Jr. The children can relax in the dentist chair and watch their favorite shows during procedures to help them feel more comfortable. After each check-up, children can pick a prize from a basket and enter to win monthly prizes.


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