The Benefits of Choosing Custom Dental Night Guards in Camas WA

The bad news is that the dentist has decided the patient needs to use a night guard. The good news is that it is possible to construct a custom guard that is a perfect fit. Once the guard is ready, the patient will notice several things that begin to happen in a matter of days. Here are some of the advantages that come with using Custom Dental Night Guards in Camas WA.

No More Teeth Grinding

One of the reasons that the dentist wants the patient to look into the possibility of Custom Dental Night Guards in Camas WA is because of the condition of the teeth. It is obvious that the patient is grinding the teeth while sleeping. That is causing additional wear that will ultimately lead to some expensive dental work. By wearing a night guard, it is possible to stop the damage in its tracks, and make whatever repairs are needed.

Headaches are Few and Far Between

The grinding does more than damage the teeth. Many people with this problem also find that they experience severe headaches during the waking hours. Once the patient begins to wear the guard every night, the pressure generated by the grinding stops. That in turn eliminates the reason for the headaches, and the patient can get through the day without having to take aspirin or some other type of pain reliever every few hours.

More Recuperative Sleep

While the patient may not realize it, the grinding is also making it harder to reach the deep level of sleep needed to refresh the mind and body. That leaves the individual feeling irritable and on edge most of the time. After getting used to wearing the guard at night, the patient will notice that it is much easier to remain even-tempered, no matter what is happening at work or around the house.

For anyone who is in need of dental care, contact Lewis Family Dentistry today and schedule an appointment. After a thorough examination, it will be easy to determine what sort of dental work is needed, and what the patient can do to prevent other issues from developing in the future. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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