Understanding White Fillings in Marietta GA

White Fillings in Marietta GA are also referred to as a composite filling and consist of a tooth-colored glass and plastic mixture. This is used for restoring decayed teeth. The composites are also able to be used for a number of cosmetic improvements of your smile by helping to change the actual color of your teeth or to reshape any disfigured teeth.

How are these Fillings Placed?

After your tooth is properly prepared by your dentist, they will place the composite material in layers. Then a specialized type of light will be used for hardening each of the layers. After the process is complete, the dentist will then begin to shape the composite to better fit your tooth. The White Fillings in Marietta GA will then be polished in order to prevent any signs of early wear or staining.

How Much do White Fillings Cost?

The prices can vary; however, composites can cost as much as two times what you pay for a silver filling. The majority of dental insurance policies will cover the entire cost of a composite filling up to what a silver filling would cost, and you would be responsive for any remainder.

Benefits of Choosing Composite Fillings

Aesthetics is the primary advantage offered by composites. Since modern dentists are able to blend the various shades in order to create a color that is identical to your natural tooth, this option is extremely popular. The composite will bond to the tooth in order to support the rest of the tooth’s structure, which will help to stabilize the tooth and prevent any breakage while insulating the tooth from any instances of excessive temperature changes.

If you are interested in white fillings, you should contact Business Name today. There are a number of people who have even chosen to have their silver fillings replaced by white fillings. This is a procedure that your dentist can usually complete easily; however, you should ask about the cost prior to having the procedure completed. White fillings offer a number of advantages, so you should consider carefully whether or not they are right for you.

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