Your Questions About Dental Implants In New City, NY Answered

If your dentist has extracted some of your teeth because they were loose or decayed, you may be considering replacement teeth. Instead of getting partial dentures, you may want to replace your teeth with dental implants. Before speaking to a dentist about Dental Implants in New City NY, learn more about this procedure by reviewing these commonly asked questions.

Q.) Are there advantages of getting dental implants instead of wearing dentures?

A.) When a professional specializing in Dental Implants in New City NY, performs this procedure, the results are permanent. The implants are placed down into your jaw and, as they fuse to the bone, they become anchored in your mouth. Since dentures are removable, they can sometimes slip or become loose when speaking or sneezing. Some foods, such as corn on the cob and apples, are difficult to eat when you wear dentures. If you have dental implants, you’ll be able to eat any type of food that you want.

Q.) Is it time-consuming or difficult to take care of dental implants?

A.) When you have dental implants, there aren’t any special care requirements. You’ll still have to brush and floss your teeth, but you don’t have to use any special cleaners for your implants or take them out to clean them. A dentist specializing in Dental Implants in New City NY, will also want you to have regular dental checkups to make sure that your mouth, gums, and remaining teeth are healthy and strong.

Q.) Will there be any pain involved when getting dental implants?

A.) The implantation of the dental implants is a surgical procedure. During the surgery, a professional specializing in Dental Implants in New City NY, will cut the top of your gums to place the implants into your jawbone. Although you won’t feel any pain during the surgery because of sedation, your gums will be sore for several days afterward.

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