Are You Ready for Teeth Whitening in South Amboy?

Beautifully white teeth make for an attractive smile and can cover up minor cosmetic issues. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep your teeth white. The aging process, tobacco, wine and certain foods and medications can cause staining. Even if you brush your teeth as often as you should, these stains can still remain. If you are dealing with staining in your teeth, your General Dentist can help. Through Teeth Whitening in South Amboy, your stains can be removed and you can have the whiter and brighter smile you long for.

What Can You Expect From Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Teeth whitening treatments have been used for many years, but have recently become much more effective and less damaging to your teeth. These treatments should always be performed by your dentist, to ensure you get the best results and do not experience damage. Though at-home whitening kits are available, they can be risky. Often, these treatments cause increased sensitivity in your teeth and permanent enamel damage.

Through your dentist, you can receive Teeth Whitening in South Amboy through two different options. The first option is one of the most common. Using hydrogen peroxide, the dentist will paint the solution on your teeth. This ensures each tooth is fully coated, so the stains can be removed. As hydrogen peroxide is mixed with oxygen, it begins to bubble and this allows it to go deep into the layers of your teeth, to remove stains. Hydrogen peroxide can make your teeth their natural white color in as little as one treatment. It may take further treatments if you have moderate levels of staining.

If you are Searching for Teeth Whitening in South Amboy, you may also want to consider bleaching treatments. Unlike traditional whiteners, bleaching uses carbamide peroxide, which has much stronger whitening abilities. This treatment can not only remove the stains in your teeth, but can also whiten them much brighter than their natural color. Like traditional whitening treatments, you may need more than one treatment to see the results you desire. This will depend on how severe your stains are.

If you are interested in learning more about teeth whitening procedures and how they can improve the beauty of your smile, visit Website Domain.

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