Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening in Pomona

There is no doubt about it; most people would agree that having a healthy white smile is much better than having unsightly stained yellow or brown teeth. While there are plenty of environmental and personal factors that can play a huge role in the color of your teeth, obtaining a whiter smile is high on the list for many. Many times in order to obtain a lasting white smile you will have to seek the help of a dentist for Teeth Whitening in Pomona. However, before scheduling an appointment, there are some thigns you should make yourself aware of.

Whitening and Cleaning Are Different Processes

Many dental patients get cleanings and teeth whitening processes mixed up. Sometimes the stains that are presently on your teeth can be removed with a simple dental cleaning or scaling which can be carried out by your General Dentist. However, if these processes don’t work, the next step would be to consider either a gel or laser whitening process.

Whitening Teeth Involves the Use of Chemicals

Keep in mind that as you’re considering the process of teeth whitening it will involve a bleach solution which is usually composed of peroxide compounds such as carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The compounds are the ingredients which are activated at the first contact with the tooth’s surface. The free radical oxygen is released which then penetrates the tooth’s outer layers providing a whiter appearance over time.

Whitening May Take More than One Sitting

Depending on the type of treatment you’ve chosen and the amount of staining on your original teeth, you may be required to come back in for several office visits to complete the whitening process. During your consultation the dentist should discuss with you the various shades and how to best get you to your ideal color. It is also important to keep in mind that Teeth Whitening in Pomona is not a permanent treatment option. It will typically last between one to three years before you need to have touch ups completed.

When performed by a well trained dentist for Teeth Whitening in Pomona, there are little to no side effects involved. At best you will notice some teeth and gum sensitivity which can be remedied by taking pain medications. The pain should only last a few hours before your mouth is restored to new.

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