Dentures Versus Dental Implants in New City, NY: What You Need To Know

When a person is missing teeth, the damage is both functional (chewing) and aesthetical. In theory, Dental Implants in New City, NY are more advantageous, mainly because they are fixed, therefore permanently replacing the missing teeth. In dentistry, this technique is not always feasible and suited to everyone’s preferences. This is why dentists have other methods to turn to, like dentures.

The dental implant: A solution to replace missing teeth

Dental implants are titanium bolt-like devices that are fixed into the jawbone, accommodating a crown or bridge. This intervention involves surgery because the bone needs to be worked up to develop housing capable of accommodating the bolt. After a few months of healing, a prosthesis or bridge is placed on the device. In other words, the process is long, but this process is a long-term one and it is comfortable. However, dentists may decide that Dental Implants in New City, NY are not in your best interest.

What are the benefits of removable dentures?

Removable dental appliances have the advantage that they can be withdrawn at any time. The manufacture is rapid and the tooth or teeth can be replaced very quickly. The prosthesis corresponds exactly to the color of the adjacent teeth and the shape of the missing teeth. Braces or dentures also have a clear financial advantage in terms of money: Most removable dental appliances are reimbursed at 70% by the health insurance, and this is not the case with Dental Implants in New City, NY.

What are the disadvantages of removable dentures?

A major drawback to consider is a functional one, which is related to holding the prosthesis in place by resting on the adjacent teeth. This support may damage neighboring teeth, accelerating any loss in structure. Thus, the number of missing teeth replaced by the prosthesis tends to increase gradually. They also have the disadvantage of not soliciting the alveolar bone. In the absence of mechanical support of the teeth, the alveolar bone supports and determines the shape of the gum. To overcome this disadvantage, the dental appliance should be regularly readjusted so that the dentures hold in place.

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