Get Affordable Dental Solutions Now For That Postponed Dental Work You Need

People know that postponing needed dental care will cost them more in the long run. They know that a small cavity will become larger and painful. Even so, dental work gets put off until it becomes an emergency situation.

The Lack of Dental Insurance
Dental insurance is inexpensive, but over 60% of those with incomes below $35,000 do not have it. It would be a worthwhile investment, especially since it typically costs less than going to the movies and buying popcorn and a drink. It’s true that dental insurance only covers a portion of many procedures, but these policies do cover preventive care such as regular cleaning. When people have dental insurance, they tend to take advantage of preventive care since they feel that they have already paid for it with their insurance premiums.

Recommendation: Consider getting dental insurance, especially if it’s offered at work, and take full advantage of the provisions for preventive care.

Financial Arrangements
Many dentists understand that a patient may desperately need dental work done but cannot pay for it all at once. Get Affordable dental solutions from your dentist. Ask what financial arrangements would be possible.

The Costs of Delayed Dental Work
• Delayed dental work costs ten times as much as preventive care, according to Oral Health America.
• Many studies indicate a strong link between periodontal disease, heart problems and diabetes. Regular cleaning’s and good oral hygiene can prevent the gum • infections associated with periodontal disease from impacting your health.
• Serious dental health-related health issues cause people to miss work and school. It’s estimated that over 20 million work days are lost every year because of this, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources. Children lose 51 million school hours.
• Delayed dental problems will cost more over time, especially if it ultimately results in an emergency visit or medical crisis.

Get Affordable dental solutions from Dr. George R. Braithwaite at Family Dental Office in Vista, CA as well as in Oceanside and San Marcos. He accepts most dental insurance and offers financial payment arrangements. Since 1989, they have been providing caring and professional cosmetic and family dentistry to area residents. They understand the difficulties many families are facing in these difficult times. Visit their website to schedule an appointment today.

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