Relieve Your Pain with Dental Fillings Wichita KS

Have you recently noticed a pain in one of your teeth? You may have first noticed the pain while eating something cold, such as ice cream, or even if you were eating something hot. Ever since then, certain foods that are particularly cold or hot may seem to bother your tooth. It might even hurt a bit when you drink something or brush your teeth. If you’re experiencing a lot of sensitivity, it’s possible that you have a cavity. When you have cavities, you need dental fillings services in Wichita KS.

How Do Fillings Help?

The dental fillings Wichita KS get put over the cavity. When you have a cavity, it means that there is a bit of decay within the tooth. When it’s caught in the earliest stages, it’s often something that a dentist can quickly fix with a filling, but it all depends on what the dentist recommends. After you’ve had the filling applied to the tooth, you won’t experience that pain or sensitivity anymore because the small hole will be covered completely.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The dentist may notice a small cavity when first examining your teeth. There are instances when those cavities can get filled right there in the office on the same day, but there are also instances where you might need to come back for a separate appointment. When you’re at the dental office for the filling, the dentist will provide a numbing anesthetic so that you’re not experiencing any pain while the decay gets removed from the tooth and the filling gets put into place. There are different types of fillings, but the most common include silver or white. Many people prefer white fillings because they match with the teeth, and most dentists have done away with using silver fillings.

When you need a filling, you won’t be in the office for hours. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes for the dentist to complete the process, which means that you can get the relief you need for your teeth faster than you may have expected. You can then continue your day as you normally would without feeling any pain.

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