Services Offered By a Dentist in Lawnside

Not many people really think about the importance of good dental health care till they are faced a dental emergency. If you want your teeth to stay healthy and serve you for many years, it is important to think about getting the appropriate dental services. The first step should be getting a regular dentist in Lawnside. Here are some of the services that are offered by this expert.

Dealing with cavities

Cavities are the most common dental health issue. They are caused by the continued erosion of the enamel and dentin of the teeth by the acid that is formed by plaque bacteria. What usually happens is that after eating, the food forms a coating on the teeth. This coating should be cleaned while brushing, but when a person isn’t keen on regular brushing, the food particles will form plaque. These bacteria ferment the food and form an acid. Again, toothpaste contains a base that neutralizes this acidity. When brushing doesn’t happen, the acid starts corroding the enamel and the dentine, causing cavities.

When the cavities reach the pulp cavity layer of the tooth, the problem becomes complicated because tooth tissue is exposed and vulnerable to bacterial infection. The toothache that results needs an Emergency Dentist. To protect the teeth from further damage, the Dentist in Lawnside will recommend a root canal procedure. During this procedure, the infected tissue will be removed completely. The empty cavity will then get cleaned out. After the cleaning has been done, the tooth will be sealed, and a crown will be provided to protect the tooth from further damage. Visit Cross Keys Family Dental for more information.

Dental implants

In case the cavity has gone beyond the pulp cavity and affected the gum and the root of the tooth, it will be impossible to salvage that natural tooth. The only option in such a case will be getting a tooth extracted and replacing it with an implant. This is an artificial titanium root that is attached to the jawbone and which acts like a natural tooth root. The implantation takes about three to six months, but the result is a permanent tooth replacement.

These are services offered by a Dentist in Lawnside. For details about the services that are offered by these dentists, go to Website URL.


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