Seeing Dentists in Littleton for Treatment of Bad Breath

There are many people who suffer from halitosis (bad breath), but not so many are aware of the issue. This is because you get used to the continuous odors and because most people will not say you have bad breath. This leaves you thinking that your breath is fine. It is far from it though, and could be signs of a serious problem. You should see your local Dentists in Littleton if you think your breath is anything but normal.

This short post will provide you with some tips on determining if you have bad breath and what you can do to solve it. It is important to find the cause of bad breath and remedy it quickly. Among the most common causes are:

1. Lack of suitable oral hygiene. No longer is cleaning your teeth once or twice a day enough. It must be done after every meal, and using dental floss to get between interproximal spaces is a must. Dentists in Littleton will also tell you that using mouthwash is vital to good oral health. It is important to remember that the tongue also needs to be cleaned either with your brush or a tongue scraper.

2. Smoking, apart from having many harmful effects on your health, will also cause bad breath.

3. The digestion of certain foods and drinks produces gases that cause temporary halitosis. Coffee is one of them.

4. Digestive problems, like respiratory infections and chronic sinusitis, cause halitosis. If you have any problem like this, you want to get a medical checkup soon.

5. Oral infections or the accumulation of tartar on the gums will be unsightly, but it will also give off a very distinctive and unpleasant odor. Therefore, it is important to get a review with Dentists annually.

All of these issues are important in determining whether or not you have bad breath. Even dry mouth, which is a disease that involves decreased salivary flow, will cause halitosis. It occurs in the elderly or patients using certain medications. Certain drugs (such as antidepressants) also decrease the amount of saliva. In fact, this there is a range of pharmacy products that will cause halitosis, but there are also many that help moisturize the mouth in different ways.

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