Traditional Braces Versus Invisalign In St. Louis

Missouri dental patients get braces to correct alignment issues. The type of braces they select depends on the severity of this condition. Their dentist must evaluate their teeth first and select the best option. Invisalign in St. Louis is among these options.

Why Patients Choose Invisalign

Invisalign braces are invisible virtually. They are constructed of clear acrylic. They are a top choice for most patients since they aren’t as noticeable as metal braces.

Patients find these braces more comfortable than other options. They are also easy to clean. The patient removes the braces completely at any time. This helps them to eat without difficulties.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are consist of brackets that are cemented onto the teeth. Metal wires run across these brackets. They are installed permanently, and the patient cannot remove them.

These braces cause irritation of the cheeks and gums. They also impose food restrictions. The patient cannot eat any sticky candy or chew gum until the braces are removed.

Who Can Get Invisalign?

Viable candidates for Invisalign have simple alignment issues. Invisalign isn’t right for teeth that are crooked severely. They aren’t the best choice for teeth that overlap.

How Long Does the Patient Wear Them?

Patients wear metal braces up to two years. This isn’t the case with Invisalign. Patients get a new pair of these braces as they advance to the next stage. The duration needed to correct the alignment is determined by the dentist.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Invisalign braces are covered under most major dental plans. The coverage level varies among policies. However, select policies pay up to eighty percent. The patient should review the terms of their policy before getting these braces. Their dentist could help them evaluate these terms or contact their insurance provider for them.

Missouri dental patients receive extraordinary benefits with Invisalign. These braces help patients correct alignments without metal brackets. They are a more appealing choice for most patients. However, the dentist must evaluate their teeth first. The evaluation determines if they are a viable candidate. Patients who want to discuss Invisalign in St. Louis with a dentist should contact us today.

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