What Happens During a Professional Teeth Whitening in Southaven MS?

Teeth whitening is a process used to get rid of the dingy yellow hue that develops on teeth over time. Even people who are diligent with brushing and having their teeth cleaned may find that their teeth take on this yellow appearance as the years past. For anyone who is thinking about undergoing teeth whitening in Southaven MS, here is a little information about what to expect during that first visit. The First TreatmentAt the onset of the treatment, the dentist is likely to place some sort of protecting agent over the gums. The goal is to make sure that the whitening process does not cause irritation or bleach the gum tissue. Once the gums are protected, the teeth whitening in Southaven MS can begin in earnest. The most common method is to apply carbamide peroxide to the surface of each tooth. When the product comes in contact with the naturally occurring acid on the teeth, it converts into hydrogen peroxide. In this form, the product will begin to lighten the shade of the teeth to something that is closer to a natural white state.


To help expedite the process, some type of light therapy is administered while the peroxide is beginning to permeate the stains left behind by years of drinking coffee or tea, using tobacco, or any of the other reasons for the dingy appearance. All through the procedure, the dentist monitors the activity to ensure that the teeth are not harmed in any way. Assessing the ResultsFor some people, a single treatment is enough to achieve the desired effect. Others may require a series of treatments in order to get the results they desire.

Once the patient is happy with the look, having a single treatment once a year is usually enough to maintain the effect. This helps to get rid of any buildup that occurs due to ongoing consumption of foods and beverages that can stain the teeth. For anyone who is thinking about this process, contact Bruce A. Denney DDS and schedule an appointment. Doing so will make it easier to determine the specific course of treatment that is needed, and what type of results can be reasonably expected.

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