Why Choose Periodontics in Gilbert AZ?

Periodontics in Gilbert AZ is meant to treat issues of the gums. Periodontitis, an inflammatory disease of the tissues surrounding the retaining tooth, is one of those diseases. The most common cause of this issue is microbial plaque and tartar. Things that usually contribute to the development of periodontitis include malocclusion, high attachment cords and bridles of the oral mucosa, overhanging edges of fillings, etc. As a result, bone destruction begins with the alveolar process, and then the loss of teeth.

What is periodontics?

Periodontics in Gilbert AZ is the section of dentistry dealing with treatment and prevention of diseases of the supporting apparatus of the tooth, i.e. periodontal disease. In everyday life, people think that periodontics is all about treating gums. This is not entirely accurate. Periodontium is the complex system of tissues surrounding the tooth. Periodontal includes gum mucosa, bone wall of the alveoli, ligaments teeth (periodontal).

The success of treatment is determined by the strength of the gums and growth of the periodontal disease on the living tissue. When planning a comprehensive treatment, each dentist will use the latest knowledge and techniques. An individual approach is given to each client, and a thorough diagnostic examination using modern technology is done. This is to ensure that an effective treatment prevail.

If you experience these symptoms, see your local dentist specializing in Periodontics in Gilbert AZ:

* Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth

* Bad breath

* Teeth covered with dark patina

* Swelling of the gums

* Neck were bare teeth and/or

* Appearance of tooth mobility

Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Gingivitis is and inflammation of the gums caused by the impact of general and local factors, proceeding without breaking the periodontal attachment. If the process involves only the soft tissue of the gums, then it is gingivitis. If the process extends to the alveolar bone, it is referred to periodontitis, which, depending on the degree of bone destruction, it is divided into mild, moderate and severe. Periodontitis is a more serious, destructive inflammatory destruction of the periodontal tissues. Periodontal pockets are formed and teeth become pathological mobile, which leads to their loss. Periodontal inflammation contributes to several factors, most of which are germs, plaque and tartar. Experiencing any of these issues should prompt you to see your local periodontics in Gilbert AZ specialist.

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