Why Should You See an Implant Dentist in Milwaukee WI?

Dealing with missing teeth is difficult for most people. If you have teeth missing in the front of your smile, you may have trouble feeling confident in your smile. This can affect your personal and professional life in many different ways. Fortunately, there is hope for replacing your teeth through an Implant Dentist Milwaukee WI. This type of dentist specializes in replacing missing teeth through a procedure that places implants into your jawbone.

Dental implants look and perform like natural teeth. They are placed in two different parts. The first part involves placing the root system. The root is made of a metal anchor that has the ability to bond with human bone tissue. The anchor is screwed down into the jawbone, where it will eventually bond and become one with the bone. This helps to ensure it will be strong enough to act as the root for your new tooth.

It will take three to six months for the anchor to bond. During this time, you will be sent home to heal and recover from the procedure. The dentist will keep a check on the bonding process. Once it is complete, you will receive your artificial teeth.

Each tooth is secured on the end of the anchor. This covers any metal and allows the tooth to meet the gum tissue for a completely natural look. Once each of your teeth are in place, you will regain full function and have the ability to feel confident in your smile.

Dental implants can be placed anywhere in the mouth. The dentist will choose implants that fit in perfectly with your surrounding teeth so you get the most natural look possible. This also helps to ensure you have full function.

To find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, you will need to schedule an appointment with the implant dentist Milwaukee WI. For more information on implants and how they can restore your smile, call and schedule an appointment with Frank R. Galka D.D.S. Through his expertise, you can have your smile fully restored so you can feel confident again.

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